We assess building defects with care

                                but what lurks beneath the surface . . .

Ability & Ethics

HarperBD was formed to provide a more environmental approach to solving timber decay and damp problems, and continues to help deliver lasting solutions for many prestigious and award winning projects.

Motivation Behind HarperBD

Helping to transform damp and decaying buildings into healthy environments has always been our primary motivation, and with a background in building conservation and sustainability, we are ‘living the dream’ being able to practice what we believe in!

We really enjoy collaborating with likeminded associates to deliver a fully comprehensive and expert service that is totally focused on providing the best solutions and support for our clients.

Disrupting the conventional remedial industry

We are enthusiastic advocates of environmental controls and targeted treatments, which is the only way to ensure longterm proportionate and validated solutions.

Creating healthier spaces

We are passionate about our work, and are always pleased to present seminars promoting conservation, chemical-free environmental solutions, and the benefits of incorporating responsive materials into your refurbishment or new build projects.

Our values

Our company values are an extension of our personal principles and ethical approach to business.

Our aims

  • To provide solutions that help achieve more healthy internal environments.
  • To be transparent and ecologically responsible in all our business operations despite commercial pressures.
  • Our solutions aim to focus on balancing real longterm benefits with a determination to cause the least environmental impact.
  • Our communities and environment will ultimately benefit from our company's successes!

Delivering solutions is our pursuit, conservation & sustainability are our passion, scientific assessments are our speciality & top-notch ongoing customer support our pride


Many moons ago, founder Lee Harper trained as a conservator of decorative plasterwork before embarking on undertaking pre-contract condition assessments of defective plasterwork and associated timbers. Increasingly, more of his work focussed on assessing timber decay, dampness and material failures, and he formed his consultancy in 2005 to further focus on this work. He has relevant academic qualifications including MSc Timber Building Conservation, undertaken at the Weald and Downland Museum, studying the Built Environment at Sheffield, and Sustainability and Adaptation (Architecture) at Centre of Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales.

Lee is the driving force at Harper Building Diagnostics. His interests revolve around his family and  his passion for sustainability and the environment, and trying to play as much sport as he can.

Lee reflects,  “working within a building company as a conservator, I used to regularly encounter rot and dampness when conserving decorative plasterwork... I became particularly interested in the growing awareness for the use of 'environmental controls', that is, realigning the indoor environment to such an extent that timbers are no longer at risk from decay... this approach just made so much sense to me when compared to the alternative offered by the conventional damp and timber treatment companies, which I had seen result in the unnecessary damage of so much fine historic plasterwork and timbers...  this was pre internet, so I began the self-study of ‘building defects’ while undertaking pre-contract condition assessments in-house, aimed at ensuring the company was better informed about our projects... it was at this point, around 1997, that I began to formally study building defects and have been studying and researching ever since... I regularly present specialist subjects at CPD seminars and really enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge".

We are vocal opponents against outdated and destructive remedial methods that use inappropriate building materials and systems.

We believe that every intervention should be justified, and if chemical treatments are ever thought necessary, then we have a duty to our clients and the environment to absolutely minimise its use.

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