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"We’ve listened to clients and understand their frustration at wanting to get expert advice but maybe not having sufficient slack in their budget, or that the issue doesn't warrant booking us for a full day - 'pocket consultation’  means this isn’t a problem anymore.

Whether it is advice about damp defects or timber decay, or reviewing remedial material specifications and repair quotations, or simply checking a retrofit specification to help minimise the risk of problems being designed into your project… we can help."

Lee Harper - Consultant

30 minute

phone or video consultation


60 minute

phone or video consultation


On-site Survey

Half & full days, contact to discuss further


You’re 3 simple steps away from getting that expert advice you need

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Simply book a 'pocket consultation'  appointment to discuss your project & any concerns in more detail.

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We provide transparency, great communications and excellent support

We regularly present at industry events and professional CPD seminars

We work with all clients, whatever the type and size of property

We are dedicated to producing positive outcomes for our clients

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