Limecrete Floor Supervision

Damp Survey and supervision of breathable limecrete floor installation.

The site includes a 19th Century Mill with earlier origins, and a row of workers cottages.

During our initial consultation, we assessed damp issues and discussed the clients plans for the cottages, and the wider site complex.

We were kindly invited back to the Mill to demonstrate the nuances of installing a limecrete breathable floor. It was rewarding to see what an excellent job the Mill team had done of subsequent floors.

Lee assessed the damp issues at the cottages adjoining the main Mill house. They sit below the water line and were beset with mould and all manner of damp.
With Lee we discussed the practicalities and options of re-converting the rented cottages, badly converted from agricultural buildings in the seventies. We wanted to use a method that followed our sustainable vision.
Though we had already explored several options and had other consultations we decided that Lees approach made the most sense to us , both practically and ecologically. We later hired Lee and his team to demonstrate the installation of a limecrete floor with a view that our team could then install subsequent floors. The process went well and we have decided to implement his further recommendations. Lee is extremely approachable, down to earth, optimistic and importantly, we all got a strong feeling that he was ‘on our side’ . We would certainly hire him again a little further down the line when we need expert advice and an encouraging presence.

Sarah, Mark & Ben, Devon


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