Heritage Specialists

Our investigations and diagnostic techniques follow a minimally invasive approach, with recommendations informed by conservation best practice guidance.

Informed Conservation

We specialise in the non-destructive assessment of timber components, and the environmental control of dry rot and wet rots. We are leaders in the specification and guidance for targeted treatments, ensuring the most proportionate use of preservatives if ever they are thought justified.

Assessing and profiling dampness in traditionally constructed buildings is a speciality, as are environmental evaluations and monitoring.

Heritage Lottery Fund - timber specialist

We have been engaged as the timber specialist on many Heritage Lottery Funded projects, including churches, museums and for Preservation Trusts throughout the UK.


We have all the solutions for commercial projects, whether it is a condition assessment for a change of use refurbishment, or investigating the extent and severity of timber decay and damp defects.

Nightshifts and weekend work for occupied buildings and rail possessions, awkward access and other challenges… we do it all.

We collaborate with architects, structural engineers, surveyors and other building professionals on a diverse range of heritage and modern projects.

Projects include mill and warehouse conversions, rail station and retail refurbishments, and numerous other commercial collaborations.

Whether it’s the end of one beam that needs assessing, or a large sample of bearing-ends in a massive warehouse, we aim to establish an understanding of their true condition.

Our clients include property developers, local authorities, housing associations, facility management companies, Network Rail, the MoD, and many other building stakeholders.

We are regularly engaged as the timber specialist on Heritage Lottery Funded commercial projects, which include mill and warehouse conversions, museum and development projects, and assist Preservation Trusts throughout the UK.


We investigate and help solve timber decay and damp problems for all homeowners no matter the size, construction type and age of your property. 

We help both existing homeowners, and those in the process of buying a property.

Minimising disruption 

We use a range of investigative and diagnostic techniques that minimise disturbance and damage to materials, while extracting the most information about the severity and extent of timber defects and damp problems.

Chemical-free/ Minimal Chemical Intervention

Our holistic approach considers the whole building, evaluates environmental interactions between the structure and materials, its occupants and their usage. We focus on identifying the causes of building defects, while recommendations naturally prioritise rectifying or managing the causes of dampness and rot. We aim to provide solutions that are compatible and appropriate for your property, and which negate or minimise the use of chemicals products in your home; we believe this is the most cost-effective, healthy and best longterm approach.

We do not endorse the use of  retrofit chemical damp proof courses, wholesale timber treatments or other inappropriate remedial systems... they are mostly unnecessary, and often detrimental.

Utilities & Infrastructure

We collaborate on a range of infrastructure projects, regularly assessing timber and damp problems for Network Rail, the MoD, the Canal and River Trust, and local authorities.

Heritage infrastructure

We have a passion for industrial heritage, and have worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious structures including scheduled monuments and many Listed rail stations. 

Modern structures

We also regularly assess the condition of modern structures and buildings, from telecommunication towers to timber footbridges and anything in-between.

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