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We investigate and help solve condensation problems for homeowners, and work with both tenants and landlords.

Condensation is now reported has being the most common form of dampness in buildings, affecting both old and modern properties.

Prolonged periods of condensation can lead to the formation of black mould on walls and ceilings, also affecting clothes, fabrics, furniture and other stored items: black mould is a potential health hazard, which can be avoided if condensation is better managed.

We thoroughly assess the internal environment and evaluate the fabric of the property, so that we can present you with the most informed appraisal of current living conditions, and provide the best advice how to manage condensation dampness.

Our Condensation Risk Assessment considers;

  • moisture generation within the property
  • existing ventilation
  • heating and controls
  • potential moisture sources
  • thermal inefficiencies
  • ‘at risk’ materials
  • secondary condensation
  • black mould

Report & Support

Our Report discusses observations, presents relevant data, and provides best practice advice for the longterm management of moisture within your property. We can provide further support with remedial specifications appropriate to your property.


Mould is symptomatic of dampness in a property, with black mould in particular,  likely to be caused by significant and persistent condensation dampness.

Mould can cause respiratory problems, such as, asthma and allergies, with the young and elderly often more susceptible.  

In common with all building defects, in order to control mould issues, it is essential that the causes of excess moisture are investigated and resolved.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), advise that severe and widespread mould should be professionally removed, with DIY cleaning focussing on wiping the surface with a ‘mild detergent’, rather than brushing or vacuuming it off,which releases mould spores into the air.

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Environmental Monitoring

HarperBD provides specialist monitoring of environmental conditions within buildings.

We utilise a range of moisture measuring devices including portable data logging equipment to evaluate air and surface temperature, humidity, air flow and moisture content. Our small battery powered data loggers are easily installed, monitoring and recording a variety of parameters for several weeks or even months to get a true appreciation of environmental conditions.

We also assess the moisture content of timber, masonry and plaster, helping to establish the cause(s) of defects, their level of risk from deterioration, which helps inform the best solutions.

Empowering you

Our only motivation is to support you in resolving your property issues , we provide the information and guidance you require to make the right decisions, taking the most appropriate actions.

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