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We are passionate about sharing our experiences and knowledge to encourage further expertise and understanding of the environmental control of decay and the appropriate rehabilitation and adaptation of traditionally constructed buildings.

We present to under graduates, graduates and trade organisation such as RICS.

We would love to hear from you to discuss any ideas for presentations specific to your requirements, or discuss our existing talks which have included;

  • Environmental control of decay and deterioration.
  • Targeted preservative treatments - extremely targeted!
  • Timber Decay in Commercial Buildings.
  • Timber repair strategies - traditional to engineered solutions.
  • Death Watch Beetle - management to control.
  • Retrofit for traditional and heritage buildings.


When you need that extra level of quality control, we can help by supervising some of the more challenging interventions featured in our Reports. We supervise the 'works' needed to control dry rot outbreaks, death watch beetle infestations and the targeted application of chemical preservatives for historic timbers and strategies for sensitive ecological sites.

Project Management

We also offer support beyond the investigative phase, providing repair and material specifications, tender documents and supervision of works… whatever you need, we can probably help!

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... why not invite us to share our knowledge, to inform and work with your team?

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