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Avoiding Defects

HarperBD review specifications and designs to help minimise the risk of defects being designed into your project.

Quality Control

We find that inappropriate materials and building practices are one of the main causes of building defects.
We review specifications, designs and estimates with the aim of identifying inappropriate materials, unnecessary works and anything potentially detrimental towards your project.

We then provide a written report discussing any issues identified and provide recommendations that are more sympathetic and appropriate.

This work includes the appraisal of;

Timber preservative treatments; 

  • Is it actually needed?
  • Has the correct preservative been specified? 
  • Is it sufficiently targeted, does it comply with COSHH regulations? 
  • How long should I expect it to last?
  • Is there a better approach?

Timber repair specifications; 

  • Engineered glulam
  • Timber resin splices
  • Traditional timber repairs
  • What could be a better option?

Damp controls;

  • Are they appropriate?
  • Is the ‘system’ detrimental to the building?
  • Is there a better approach?

Plaster and render specifications;

  • Is the material compatible and appropriate for your building? 
  • Will it tolerate dampness and salts?
  • Is there a better approach?

The consequences of inappropriate building refurbishments frustratingly makes up a significant volume of our work

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