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Establishing the structural condition of timbers

Timber Defects and Decay

If you have concerns about timbers, but aren’t sure where to go for help?

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We are building conservation and sustainability specialists having over twenty years experience investigating timber defects, structural condition and decay.

HarperBD have specialised in the non-destructive assessment of structural timbers, the investigation and environmental control of rot, beetle damage and other timber failures.

Quality Information

We deliver these services with extensive practical experience and in-depth relevant academic knowledge of timber building conservation, timber science and its strength and limitations in-use.

We continuously strive to provide the technical expertise and guidance to help control dry rot, wet rot, deathwatch beetle and common furniture beetle damage... assessing the structural condition of timbers throughout the UK.

Timber defect services at a glance;

Gathering excellent data will help us determine component condition and inform the best remedial strategies

FAQ's regarding our timber services can be found here

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As a leading building pathology & diagnostic consultancy we work with clients all over the UK and ... beyond

We provide transparency, great communications and excellent support

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We regularly present at industry events and professional CPD seminars

What past clients have to say,

"I have worked together with Lee of HarperBD on historic building projects  since I met  him in 2011, ranging from an Abbey roof structure to a working church bellframe and each with exacting requirements

I have always been most impressed by Lee's knowledge of the causes of timber decay, which are sometimes obscure and with this knowledge his ability to identify probable consequences whereas experience and the variety of equipment he carries accurately locate problem areas in an efficient and completely non invasive way.

The data provided in descriptive and graphic form is always very clear and precise, enabling repairs to be structurally quantifiable – and as we saw on occasion actually unnecessary.

I will not hesitate to return to Lee for future investigations."

Mark Taylor


Beech Tyldesley Architects

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