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Thorough investigation of dry rot outbreaks


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Establish the extent and severity of the outbreak


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Control of dry rot now & minimising the risk of it's return

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Helping control dry rot

If you need a dry rot problem to be resolved now, and controlled so it doesn't return - HarperBD have the expertise to help.

Our timber specialists have been successfully investigating and helping control dry rot in both modern and heritage buildings for over twenty years.

Dry rot (Serpula lacrymans)

Advanced investigations - our investigations focus on identifying the sources of moisture that have caused your dry rot outbreak, and establishing how far the fungus has spread, and how severely it has affected timbers. 

Coming from a timber building conservation background (MSc), our consultancy is expert in the investigation and control of dry rot and timber decay, using a least-destructive approach.

We use a range of advanced visual aids and techniques to help minimise disruption during the search for dry rot, and non-destructive technologies to help establish the condition of timber components.

How to control dry rot permanently

Dry timber does not rot - therefore dry rot can only be truly controlled if we can create and maintain a 'dry' internal environment; these 'environmental controls' focus on rectifying the sources of moisture and managing humidity.

Our assessments and recommendations are informed by best practice guidelines published by Historic England, Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), Building Research Establishment (BRE) and other learned bodies.

This approach will also minimise the use of chemical preservative treatments in your home or place of work and is the most cost-effective and longterm solution to controlling dry rot and all wood-rotting fungi.

Understanding Dry rot

Take a look at our article 'What is dry rot and how to treat it'  for more practical information and check out the Dry Rot FAQ's

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