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Proving Glulam inspections & Repair Strategy Solutions

We do this

Provide expert assessments of glulam condition.

Which does this

Provides the most reliable evaluation of components


Giving you this

Informed, cost-effective & longterm maintenance & repair guidance

Prolonging The Life Of Glulam Timber

Safety Concerns

Our experienced team will quickly assess the condition of the glulam timber, informing of any safety concerns and providing recommendations that will ensure your building or structure is safely and quickly back in use.


We have been successfully investigating and enabling the repair of glulam components and structures for over a decade, from large sculptures and bridges in public spaces, to massive structural frames in leisure complexes, and glulam components in private residences.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) - Helping Rehabilitate Glulam

We utilise NDT techniques of timber including ultrasound and micro drill instrumentation to establish the extent of decay, and use deep probe measuring devices to establish moisture content.

We know what to look for when assessing the condition of glulam structures, understanding the common faults and patterns of decay.

Repair Strategy - Designing-Out Defects

Providing guidance so the same defects are not repeated in the repair schedule.

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Glulam problems can rapidly escalate

... let's get your glulam project safely and quickly back in use

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Non-destructive Timber Assessment
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Environmental Monitoring
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Further reasons to work with Harper Building Diagnostics

We assess timber: sculptures, communication towers, historic timbers, wonderful glulam domes, anything!

As a leading building pathology & diagnostic consultancy we work with clients all over the UK and ... beyond

We're proud to have many clients who consider us part of their team

We regularly present at industry events and professional CPD seminars

What past clients have to say,

"Glulam is a wonderful product, it excites architects it would appear and they use it to come up with wonderful ideas and projects. My house is supported by and has design features in Glulam. Sometimes however, if it is not properly installed or maintained, it goes ‘wrong’, horribly wrong.

To begin with we did not realise we had ‘rot' how could such a young structure be falling apart?
I am not sure quite how I met Lee Harper but I am so pleased I did. He visited my property and meticulously surveyed my problems. He was equipped with an array of scientific instruments and he carefully measured and assessed my property. His initial politeness and courtesy implied a man who was an expert in his field. He indeed is.
Lee’s next step was to thoroughly explain what had gone wrong and to identify a range of remedies. 
Trust is important in every business relationship but at an early stage I became convinced I could trust Lee. I was not wrong.
The repairs Lee masterminded were delivered in timely and super efficient manner. He kept me informed as to issues and was always willing to discuss alternative solutions. The finished job was excellent.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Lee Harper. To find a man you can trust in todays construction industry is a valuable commodity and Lee Harper and all his team can be trusted. I wish his business every success."

D. Elliot, Devon

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