Non-destructive timber assessments,

delivering data that reveals the true condition of structural timbers

We do this
Investigate & assess, minimising damage
Which does this
Gives insight into timber, plaster and masonry condition
Giving you this
Invaluable data, with minimal damage and disruption

Non-Destructive Timber Assessments

The following techniques help us to further understand the true condition of hidden or embedded timber components such as, bearing-ends & window lintels... delivering the best sub-surface appraisal with minimum disruption.

Microdrill Investigations

We operate microdrills to assess the sub-surface condition of timber; perfect for evaluating the condition of beam-ends encased in masonry, window and door lintels, and any hidden timber component.
We operate 2 microdrill models,  a 300mm which excels at assessing timbers in tight spaces, and a 600mm model which is essential for assessing large dimensional timber components.

Measuring moisture content

(moisture profiling)

We use resistance meters for surface evaluation, extension probes to take readings further below the surface, and where appropriate, we use increment borers to remove core samples to allow readings to be taken from the centre of timber components.

Ultrasonic Decay Detection

We utilise Ultrasonic Decay Detection (U.D.D) equipment to quickly and harmlessly detect decay beneath the surface of timber.
Suspect areas are then quantitively assessed with microdrill instrumentation.
Large numbers of timbers can be quickly and cost-effectively assessed using this totally non-destructive technique.

Borescope & inspection cameras

We use borescopes and video inspection cameras to look into cavities, behind panelling, below suspended timber floors and into ceiling voids, allowing assessment with the minimal of disruption and loss of material.
And all this great information will help us determine component condition and help inform the best remedial strategy

Testing techniques that give invaluable data

... and really do minimise loss of material, disruption & ultimately, cost!

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What past clients have to say,

"I have worked together with Lee of HarperBD on historic building projects  since I met  him in 2011, ranging from an Abbey roof structure to a working church bellframe and each with exacting requirements

I have always been most impressed by Lee's knowledge of the causes of timber decay, which are sometimes obscure and with this knowledge his ability to identify probable consequences whereas experience and the variety of equipment he carries accurately locate problem areas in an efficient and completely non invasive way.

The data provided in descriptive and graphic form is always very clear and precise, enabling repairs to be structurally quantifiable – and as we saw on occasion actually unnecessary.

I will not hesitate to return to Lee for future investigations."

Mark Taylor


Beech Tyldesley Architects