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Rope Access & Powered Platforms

If access is good, assessing timber defects is often straight forward: but what happens when you can’t reach the component by conventional means?

We have used a vast range of powered access solutions, from the smallest lightweight cherrypickers, to truck mounted platforms that extend well in excess 50 Metres… we have rope access trained consultants, and collaborate with some of the country's leading rope access providers. 

We have utilised various methods of access to assess timber components used in the construction of footbridges, church bell frames, roof timbers in ecclesiastical and commercial buildings, industrial heritage, massive glulam structures, outdoor sculptures, rail infrastructure, inland waterways and marine environments, and many other interesting and challenging projects.

Over the years, we have successfully completed many challenging inspections: utilising boats and pontoons, abseiling and climbing to reach timbers using rope access techniques, and via suspended scaffolding… we have always found a way!

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... we have always found a way!


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