Specifications & Repair Methodologies

Establishing the most appropriate repair, bespoke to your project, that work with, not against your building


What we do

provide the most appropriate specification for your property


Which does this

minimises the risk of creating a problem


Giving you this

the best solution for you and your property

Whether it’s a lime mortar specification to manage dampness for a Listed building, environmental controls to solve a dry rot outbreak at a rail station, or specifying and supervising targeted treatments to control death watch beetle in the nations most prestigious heritage properties… we have the experience and expertise to support your project.

Having investigated the consequences of inappropriate specifications and practices over the past twenty years, we really can’t emphasise enough the importance of getting specifications right in the first instance.

Retrofit etc,

Specifying materials and building methods that are appropriate and sympathetic is essential to minimise the risk of defects being designed into your project.

We are passionate about embracing opportunities to specify materials that will improve thermal performance and moisture management in traditional buildings. These responsive materials will help create healthier internal environments in retrofit, renovation and refurbishment projects.

Remedial specifications

Our recommendations address the root causes of building defects, with material specifications carefully evaluated to ensure they are compatible and appropriate. Our building conservation approach to controlling timber decay also minimises the use of chemicals in your home or workplace.

We provide best-practice guidance for the environmental control of timber decay, and specifications for the most  targeted use of preservative treatments.

specifications that work with, not against your building

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