Environmental & Targeted Control Of Fungal Decay & Beetle Damage


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Environmental & Targeted Control Of Fungal Decay & Beetle Damage

Two questions spring to mind here;

1 - Do you really want chemicals introduced into your home?
2 - Do you need them to be used in the first place?

Chemical treatments and other product-lead interventions (offered by chemical treatment companies) have a limited ability to control dampness and decay over a sustained period, with these practices often proving detrimental to the fabric of the building and could also be potentially harmful to your health.

Because we fully appreciate that it is moisture that causes timber decay and damp problems, we know that controlling excess moisture is fundamental to prolonging the life of timber components, and to managing dampness, and to the longterm success of any repair. Our environmental approach (which controls moisture...) will help minimise the use of chemical preservatives and inappropriate building practices.

Need responsible guidance on chemical treatment?

... we always ensure the most targeted treatments, practicing the least invasive approach!

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