Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog!

We are damp and timber specialists, and as we know our subject, we are very happy in this environment, but apparently, we now also need to be blogging and engaging more with you; so say the Plymouth University marketing students we recently collaborated with.
Those budding marketing specialists of the future told us in no uncertain terms that we ‘have to produce regular informative content and to engage more with you, it’s expected, it’s what everyone does!’, well, despite verging on being social media phobic, we’ll give it a go!

Blog content

Well, as damp and timber decay isn’t the most stimulating of subjects to discuss, or the most aesthetically pleasing of subjects to photograph for that matter; we will try to meet this challenge and do our best to provide some useful information.

We plan to post short explainer videos alongside infographics, with industry and company news when/if anything interesting ever happens.
I’ll apologise in advance for only writing occasional posts, and will aim to not be too heavy on the science, and not too emotive on industry issues.

So there we are, I finally did it, following a few days procrastination I’ve written my first post to complement our new website.

We hope that you pop back now and again to see what is new in our world and for more posts about damp and timber decay investigations, building conservation and sustainability.

Speak soon,