What’s in a name?

Exposure Surveying Ltd is now trading as ‘Harper Building Diagnostics’ – it is the same people, services, company details and insurances, just a different name and new stationery!

We have a great new logo, with the ‘stickman’ representing our core concerns: the environment, people and architecture.
Our philosophy remains the same as when we established the company 13 years ago – we want to help recreate healthier environments, to provide longterm solutions based on thorough investigation and proportionate interventions.

Why rename the company?

Well, we were lucky enough to have 30 marketing undergraduates from Plymouth University use our rebranding exercise as their final, end of course project.

That said, I didn’t feel ‘lucky’ at the time. Having 5 competitive teams analysing every facet of your business can make you feel a little vulnerable; especially when scrutinising your marketing strategy (that couldn’t have taken long to be fair), client testimonials and even evaluating us, as individuals…

Even though it was our ‘building conservation and sustainability background’ and ‘specialist range of scientific testing’ that were identified as key strengths in our ‘niche’ market – it was the fact that all groups considered me (Lee Harper), to be our USP (unique selling point – keep up!), my ‘fiercely ethical approach’, and ‘passion for providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions’, were core to the business, and encompassed the ‘Harper philosophy’.

So, in order to ensure our company rebranding was successfully received, ‘Harper’ was to be in the new name and well, ‘Building Diagnostics’ speaks for itself. We are really pleased with the change, it was a difficult decision and daunting prospect but we are excited to have made it.
We learnt lots about marketing, our business and ourselves from that collaboration with Plymouth University, and it was great to be reminded of what brilliant resources are on our doorstep.

I would encourage any business to explore how your local university may be able to enhance your organisation, from internships to research opportunities.

In my next post I’ll be covering problematic the knowledge/practise gap evident within the construction sector and how we aim to play our small part in reducing this with the introduction of our ‘bespoke training and education’ side to our business.

Speak soon,